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you've got to crack a skull

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Birthdate:Mar 22, 1990
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/人◕ ‿‿ ◕人\, aggressive male bonding, aliens, alternate history, androgyny, anime, art, bdsm, black metal, body modification, bromance, burlesque, castles, celts, comics, conspiracy theories, cyberpunk, darkwave, death metal, deathrock, delinquents, demonology, doom metal, dreams, dystopias, ebm, eccentricity, electro-industrial, eroge, fetishes, figures, foe yay, folk metal, folk rock, folklore, fuck up gentlemen!, fuck-you-and-your-fucking-dragons, gar, garage kits, gender, gore, gothic architecture, gothic rock, guro, hentai, heterosexual life partners, history, ho yay, horrorpunk, impossible geometry, industrial, industrial metal, industrial rock, literature, macabre, mad scientists, magnificent bastards, manga, manly tears, medieval music, metal, middle ages, mindfuck, monsters, movies, music, mythology, neo-burlesque, neofolk, nightmares, occultism, pantheons, paranormal, period clothing, piercings, pirate metal, pirates, porn, post-punk, progressive metal, psychedelia, psychobilly, punk rock, see-you-on-the-other-side-of-space-brothaaaaaas, sex, sexuality, showa period, so bad it's good, steampunk, surrealism, synthpop, tattoos, this box, thrash metal, torture devices, transcendental black metal, true norwegian banjo metal, true viking cheese metal, ufos, uniforms, unorthodox relationships, using-speed-and-getting-a-gun, victorian era, video games, viking metal, vikings, villains, visual novels, weimar culture, what-do-you-mean-booze-ain't-food, yandere, yangire, zawa zawa, zettai ryouiki, zombie apocalypse, ʘ‿ʘ
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