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Kaarne ([personal profile] strange_machine) wrote2020-01-01 07:38 am
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- 22, male, Finland
- A Huge Nerd.
- Loves music, especially metal and punk.
- Appreciates all things creepy and strange.
- Thinks that coffee and cats are quite awesome.
- Possibly homosexual? Must remember to investigate further.


- Comment here to be added back.
- Have something in common with me, anything. It's more than likely that that's what brought you here in the first place, though.
- When it comes to f-cuts (or whatever the hell they're called here), well, I don't do that shit. Generally I only remove people who haven't posted in over a year. In short, once you add me you'll be stuck with me for good and that's just terrible.


- Things going on in my life. I'm rather open to a certain extent.
- Fandom-related things. My most common topics are anime, manga, video games, movies and music.
- A lot of rambling and tl;dr.
- Memes.
- My language can be all over the place. My grammar isn't always perfect.
- Some posts and comments may be completely or partially in Finnish. English is the main language I use, though.

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